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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More Tips

* To jump to discussion of any map, click the map's name in the column at the right.

* To discuss any set of maps, click the name of the lowest-numbered map in the set.

* To discuss the MapElection website, use the link in the column at the right, or send
   an email to

* The Picks list can hold several copies of the same map simultaneously.

* To click on "Share Comments" for an overlay, first copy it to the Picks list and lock it.

* Precinct maps employ as many as 256 tints, ranging from darkest to lightest.
   However, the differences between very close tints are likely to be unnoticeable.

* To view the Major Roadways map in finer detail, tap Ctrl-Plus one or more times.
   To restore the page to normal size, tap Ctrl-Zero.

1 comment:

MapElection said...

Printing a map

A user recently asked how to print a map from MapElection. Here's a good way. (These instructions are for Internet Explorer 8. Later versions may differ somewhat.)

a. Open with Internet Explorer

b. Display the desired map.

c. Press Alt-F, then tap the V ("vee") key. This will activate the "Print Preview" window.

d. Click the Landscape-mode icon, then select "2 Page View" and 90% of normal size.

e. Click the printer icon.

f. Specify that you want to print only page 2.

g. Click "Print."

This process is a few steps longer than the usual print-the-page method, due to the map-overlay structure.

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