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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2: % Votes - Emanuel (12% - 88%)

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1 comment:

MapElection said...

Maps 1 - 4 show the top four finishers in the election.

The maps show some surprisingly sharp edges between the areas that leaned heavily for one candidate as opposed to the others.

* The diagonal that runs northwest from downtown to the city limits is Grand Avenue, which is a borderline for six different wards.

* The edge that runs due west is 16th street. The diagnonal that it connects to is Ogden Avenue.

* I'm not aware of what, if any, terrain features coincide with the long, irregular diagonal that runs due southwest.

Demographics partially explains these edges.

But what accounts for their being so sharp?

If you can know something about the neighborhoods near these edges, and can shed some light, please post a comment here.

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